Merry Christmas!


New Year's Day 2011

Merry Christmas!  

Wishing you peace, love and happiness from Redmond…

It has been an exciting year!

 Janice completed the all-encompassing challenge- going back to school at Cascadia Community College in Bothell, WA.

 On June 17, 2011 I graduated with my two year degree in Web Application Programming.  I have enjoyed working with web design/graphics during the past two years with local businesses and organizations.

Martin and his truck

Martin going out for a walk

Martin keeps busy working at Pro Sports Club, nineteen years now. He enjoys reading, surfin-the-net and taking me out for walks when possible. On our sunny New Year’s day 2011 outing with our favorite 94’Ford Ranger in Downtown Redmond is captured below.


Claire has been busy with a new schedule and activities at Redmond High School in 10th grade. She enjoys meeting with friends, socializing and her classes with French 3, Math, Biology, History, English and Graphics.

Claire goes to photography club and loves to use my digital camera to catch any interesting shots she can find… Claire continues in Girl Scouts and is preparing more Gingerbread House workshops for younger troops in the area to earn money for a summer trip. This year, during August, the group took their earnings and went to the Shakespeare festival in Ashland, Oregon.

Above, see Claire at the Port Townsend waterfront last Christmas and this fall, going to Redmond High school Homecoming Dance with Robert….  Go Redmond Mustangs!

brian and janice headspinner photographers

HeadSpinner Photographers

The day after graduating from Cascadia, I began working with my friend, Brian Ranck, fellow student from Cacadia, on a photography business, HeadSpinner Photography.

We built the website, With years of experience and a good amount of equipment, Brian is a talented photographer and instructor. I have been working with Brian on photographing clients and developing the business.

We photographed for NESNW (Naturally Elegant and Simple Northwest) children’s pageant for a friend from school, both on stage and portraits. Then we had fun photographing pets, mostly dogs, for some clients. Also, we took headshots for some organizations, individuals for their identification and online professional profiles.  Graphics, website and video for businesses and real estate work are further areas we are expanding into.

Claire 10th grade

Claire Ann LeVeck, 10th grade photo

Since the beginning of September I have been working a temporary part-time job as a sales associate at lucy, a women’s activewear store in Redmond Town Center. They have stores around the country and an online store.  The best part is I get to wear yoga pants and sweatshirts to work!

Heritage Family Recipe Collection

It would be fun to take favorite recipes and make a graphic  page with the recipe included. For example, to the left, is my favorite recipe for mountain huckleberry muffins.

If you have a prized recipe along with photos, stories or background information you could send me electronically or through the mail, it would be much appreciated,

I hope to put together an example for work I can show others.


With the 2012 Redmond centennial year  approaching, I inquired and found volunteer work with Redmond Historical Society.  Last fall, a fellow student and I developed a project on their web site, the “Now and Then Walking Tour Photo Gallery of the 38 historical locations in Redmond.

For each location there is a display of the historical image and the current day image with a description of the site. It will be next year, at New Year’s Eve 2012, that it will be one hundred years since the city was incorporated.

Throughout the year, I will be involved the activities and events for the celebration and seek out new members as I have volunteered to be the Membership Chair on their board of directors also recently.

In my search to make more contacts for work opportunities, I have joined Association for Women in Computing, Puget Sound Chapter, working women networking and discussing current technology and businesses locally. I am a volunteer webmaster of the group’s site and on their board. /It is an interesting group and I have learned a lot from their meetings. I am looking forward to the members only holiday party this week, going to the Columbia Tower Club, a meeting location on the top floor of the Columbia Tower, the highest point in Seattle and the West Coast. I had always wanted to go there.

We are celebrating Christmas at home with a beautiful noble fir tree, just finished decorating. Every week is an adventure…

Best Wishes to you,         Martin, Janice and Claire LeVeck

.                                                                                                             .


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into the groove

This week we have been getting back into the groove of the school year. The school supplies, the homework, the lunches, the backpack, the clothes, then the getting up in the morning! Most elements are going well, just the last needs some improvement…

Even a blasting alarm doesnt wake up my daughter, got to get another alarm, maybe the cell phone alarm too?

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Back to school

Claire, my daughter went back to school today.  She is in 9th grade now, it is considered high school, but at Redmond Junior High.  They will be changing to include the 9th graders at Redmond High School soon, because of the increasing population.

I snapped a quick photo of her in front of the tree out front, a tradition started in kindergarten, the tree is alot bigger now, like her….

The desktop computer hard drive crashed after 5 years…. Spent the day getting things arranged. Went to Hard Drives NW store and got a Western Digital 500g hard drive, should work well. I need to get an operating system, Windows 7 Pro, asking the neighbor that works at Microsoft, confirm that next week since it is Labor Day weekend and they are all going camping.

So, no extra computer for family entertainment and news, we will need to huddle around the laptop for that until the other one is fixed.

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The summer is near an end…

Welcome to my new blog, just started today.  I have been wanting to do this…

While I am in between quarters of school, I have been surfing the web, looking at websites, portfolios, recipes, emails, etc…  Planning, designing and thinking about my future and job search, I have got to work again soon! Just one more quarter to complete my Web Specialist Certificate at Cascadia Community College.  I need to find an internship for Fall quarter.  Probably after school starts on September 27th.

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Hello world!

Welcome to This is your first post. Edit or delete it and start blogging!

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